Common Garage Door Issues

We all know how important a proper garage door is to our lives. No one likes to hear that creaking loud noise every time they are going out, nor does anyone likes to wait forever till the garage door finally opens! That is what we are going to look at fixing today. Let’s make sure you have a pleasant garage door experience.

Relating to garage doors, there are some common issues that arise with the usage and the parts being worn out. There are some occasions that you might have to hire a specialist, but lots of the time you can easily fix them with some simple steps. So, let’s jump right into it.

Garage door not opening

This is a serious issue, obviously, if your garage door is not responding to your commands, what is the use of it! In this case, first of all, check the batteries of the remote of the door. As the next step, it’s best to check the keypad of the remote. If all’s well, check the garage door opener unit. Check if the power supply and the motor is correctly connected. In addition, check for any circuit breaks or blown fuses as well. Hopefully, these steps will fix the door. In case it does not, we recommend you hire a professional to fix it.

Unusual Noise from the garage door

A noisy garage door is an indication of a serious problem in the near future. The reason for this happening can be either lack of lubrication, or some parts being worn out. If you continue using the door under this condition, the springs and some other parts can break down.

Check the rollers, nuts and bolts of the door and also the torsion spring and lubricate them and adjust them if they are misaligned. If you think those parts have been worn out, call in a professional to get them replaced to avoid any serious trouble in the future.

The garage door closes too quickly

If a garage door closes too fast, it may not be very safe if something or someone is under the door. This can be because of a snapped spring or a cable. As we mentioned earlier, this compromises the overall safety of your garage door and it  is highly recommended that you call in an industry expert to fix this issue as soon as possible.

The door re-opens when closing

This issue can be frustrating. You might think that the door is closing and suddenly it’s back up! Well, this has two reasons and one culprit. The sensors of the door, which are usually placed at the two ends of the door are the culprit while bird droppings, dust blocking the sensor path, or a simple misaligned sensor might be the reason.

This issue can be easily fixed by you by cleaning the glass panel of the sensors and also by aligning them correctly. To do that, check if the LED light is flickering in the sensor and adjust the sensor until that LED is constant.

If you find everything to be fine and still can’t fix the door, you might have to call in for some help from a professional.

Door Freefalls with a snapping sound

This incident is very dangerous and also frustrating. When you are waiting for the door to open or close, the door might freefall with a loud snap. The main reason behind this is a snapped torsion spring always. As a heads up, you shouldn’t fix this by yourself.

The torsion spring is responsible to hold the force of the entire garage door. A simple misalignment or a simple mistake can even cost you the whole garage door, or even serious injury.

Therefore, call in a professional to fix this. If your garage door is held by two extension springs rather than a single torsion spring, the door will not freefall but will be held afloat by a single extension spring. Either way, do not attempt to get this fixed all by yourself.

The Garage door shakes and vibrates while operating

This issue might be because of an obstruction in the tracks, rollers or it can be an issue in the opener unit as well. Diagnosing this is not really hard. First inspect the tracks of the door for any blockage, obstruction, and if that’s clear and the rollers are in their place doing their job correctly, the issue is within the opener unit.

Give us a call and let us inspect your door to see what’s wrong with it. We can let you know if your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced, and do those for you. You can book a time online, or give us a call for free quote over the phone.

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A properly installed and maintained garage door can last up to 50 years. But if proper maintenance and service are not conducted properly, even the best garage doors can run into issues pretty quickly. Therefore, make sure that you maintain your garage door with utmost care.

Without proper maintenance, an array of more issues will emerge over time. These issues may be easy to fix, or they might prove extremely difficult to get fixed. Talking about maintenance is another topic, but as a rule of thumb, here is a simple checklist on how to maintain your garage door.

  1. Check for loosening up hardware and tighten them.
  2. Lubricate the moving parts.
  3. Test the safety features like the auto-reverse feature.
  4. Always check the wires and cables.
  5. Make sure the tracks are clean.

Making sure that this checklist is fulfilled will probably double the lifetime of your garage door, and it just needs around an hour or two every year. So, why shouldn’t you do that and make your garage door last longer?

While some of these problems can be fixed at home, some needs the assistance of a professional. As these specific repairs or alignments are crucial for the functioning and the safety of the garage door, call in a an expert. Perth Garage Doors Repairs always have your back – give us a call and we will do our best to look after you and your garage door.